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Occupy Update! -- 2012-01-27 -- HIGHLIGHTS:

Read more below...

  • Donate To Occupy San Diego: Official donations to the general fund (tax deductible). We now have a robust finance committee that tracks every dollar. Do not use other scammer sites!
  • Donate To Citizens Oversight (tax deductible) for the legal defense fund and war chest, including Civil Rights Lawsuits after his arrests at Freedom Plaza.
  • NEW Anytime someone buys a ticket to "A Hammer, A Bell, And A Song to Sing", at the San Diego Repertory Theater, $10 is donated to OSD. Use promo code VSHL. Or, call the box office and buy tickets and mention Occupy San Diego. The play runs through Sunday, January 29th. Click Here!


Tahrir Square at 4pm Wednesday -- Inspiring Full Image
I notice they actually have a large place to meet. In San Diego, we have only a mini-plaza with excruciating rules.

  • Occurred at City College -- media and reports will be added tomorrow.

  • NEW SDSU Event: Read the article
  • SDSU is forcing a grad-student protester to plead guilty and accept a 2-year suspension or risk permanent expulsion for breaking the student code of conduct to fight tuition increases. This was for activity that lead to an arrest but no charges (sound familiar?).
  • Grad student and postdoc unions are working to fight this, but I figured this was something OSDers would support fighting too.
  • To help, call SDSU President Hirschman at 619-594-5201 and Chancellor Reed at 562-951-4700 and DEMAND AMNESTY FOR ASHLEY WARDLE
  • Protect CA Students' Right to Protest - Sign the letter demanding amnesty for Ashley Wardle


Unless noted, all events are at Freedom Plaza (AKA Civic Center Plaza, 1200 3rd Ave. San Diego, Intersection of 3rd Ave. and B St.)
Unless otherwise noted, we meet daily as follows:
  • 4 pm -- UPDATED Finance Committee Meeting now at at The Activist Center, Mon. thru Friday
    • Each committee should send a representative to this meeting! Budget is currently being defined.
  • 5:30 pm -- Committee meetings -- Each will schedule the days of their meetings.
  • 7pm -- General Assembly (Civic Center Plaza)
    • NEW Saturday GA will be at 2pm.
    • GAs require 20 participants for a quorum.
    • Committee/Working-Group members: Please update any changes or additions as desired to osd-feedback (at) citizensoversight (dot) org. Also Facilitation maintains a website at

. But mark your calendars now for these!


  • (This list is automatically generated from the topic Occupy.Occupy San Diego Events). Scroll down the topic almost to the bottom or look at the Calendar for more events, not within the next 7 days.

27 Jan 2012 - Fri

  • (12p-2p) - Direct action for Raul Carranza at the State Buikding at 1350 Front St. at Ash. Raul, who has muscular dystrophy, requires 24/7 nursing care, but was denied assistance by the state’s program director even though a judge ruled he was eligible. He was given no reason by the director and has been denied an appeal of the director’s ruling. For Raul’s story look at or for event info: FB Event.
  • (5p) Feminist Friday teach-in at Freedom Plaza.
  • (5:30p) Wellness Committee
  • (6p) Resources Committee

28 Jan 2012 - Sat

  • (4p) Party at Amy and Pete's - Protest Party for the NDAA - 20391 Rancho Villa Rd. Ramona, CA 92065 760 519-1243 -- "Party for friends/patriots of the Tea Party and Occupy San Diego to -- Get acquainted -- Join in solidarity against NDAA bill signed by Rep. Hunter, Issa, Bilbray, Feinstein, and Boxer. (Pete and Amy donated $2,000 to the OSD Amarillo 13)
  • (5:30p) Next organizing meeting to protest at the Democratic Party state convention on Feb 11 regarding support of NDAA. At 8161 Lincoln St., Lemon Grove 91945 (Frank and Patty's place). Bring pot luck snacks (not full dinner). (NOT OSD GA ENDORSED)
  • (11:30A) Working/planning group for Occupy SD County Summit on Feb 4th and SoCal Inter-Occ on Feb 11th meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (12:30p) Occupy San Diego Labor Solidarity Committee - FB Page Meets for planning for the May 1st general strike (which is at this time not an OSD-GA approved event) at Freedom Plaza.
  • (after GA) Media working group meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (12p-2p) OccupYRCorner in Clairemont - Stand w/Signs and handout info at Balboa & Genessee FB Event
  • (10a-12p) Sick Call by Wellness Group at Freedom Plaza followed by Committee Meeting
  • (2p) GA Meeting at Freedom Plaza.
  • (after GA) Media working group
  • (1p-4p) Occupy Encinitas - 1 PM rally at the corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Coast Highway 101 followed by general assembly at 2:30 PM at Cottonwood Creek Park, corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Vulcan Ave. (GA meets at Leucadia Pizzeria if raining) More info: Facebook or Website
  • (5:30p) Events Committee

29 Jan 2012 - Sun

  • (12p) Working/planning group for Occupy SD County Summit on Feb 4th and SoCal Inter-Occ on Feb 11th meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4:30p) Media Committee meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (6:15p) The Occupella Chorus of Women Occupy San Diego will perform reworded folk and protest songs prior to the 7 PM performance of "A Hammer, A Bell and A Song to Sing" at the Lyceum Theatre.
  • (5:30p) Events Committee

30 Jan 2012 - Mon

  • (10a) Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPS) sponsors important legal action -- legal demands delivered to Mayor Sanders, City Council, City Attorney, and County DA. Need activists to help support this effort. Starts in Freedom Plaza by San Diego City Hall.
  • (4p-5:30p) Corporate Personhood Teach-in by Canvass For a Cause with Rachel Scoma and Holly Hellerstedt, at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4:30p) Working/planning group for Occupy SD County Summit on Feb 4th meets every day today through Friday at Freedom Plaza.
  • (5:30p) Super Committee planning the Feb 11th SoCal InterOcc event meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4p) Finance Committee meets at the Activist Center.
  • (6p) Resources Committee
  • (6p) Wellness Committee
  • (7p PST)'s Weekly General Call
  • (5:30p) Events Committee

31 Jan 2012 - Tue

  • (10a) San Diego City Council Meeting (includes Public Comment) at 202 "C" St (12th floor), San Diego, CA 92101
  • (10a) San Diego City Council Meeting (includes Public Comment) at 202 "C" St (12th floor), San Diego, CA 92101
  • (10a) - City Council Meeting -- ARRIVE EARLY TO GET A SEAT -- Continue to pressure San Diego City Council to put OSD on the Agenda, and specifically to change SDMC 54.0110! ALSO, now we will be bringing up the Snap Dragon deal.
    -- SIGN PETITION TO CITY COUNCIL HERE: Occupy San Diego -- We should continue to gather signatures on this petition until they agree!
  • (4:30p) Working/planning group for Occupy SD County Summit on Feb 4th meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (6p) Media Committee meets at Freedom Plaza. ALL OCCUPIERS involved in media are encouraged to attend this and future committee meetings.
  • (2p) Wellness holds “Tranquil Tuesdays" FB Event at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4p) Finance Committee meets at the Activist Center.
  • (5:30p) Demands Committee
  • (5:30p) Events Committee

01 Feb 2012 - Wed

  • (4:30p) Working/planning group for Occupy SD County Summit on Feb 4th meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4:30P) - New time for Events Committee to meet until Feb 11th.
  • (5:30p) Super Committee planning the Feb 11th SoCal InterOcc event meets at Freedom Plaza.
  • (4p) Finance Committee meets at the Activist Center.
  • (5:30p) Wellness Committee
  • (6p) Resources Committee
  • (5:30p) Events Committee

02 Feb 2012 - Thu

  • 04 Feb 2012 - NEW (10:30a- 6p or later) Occupy SD County SUMMIT at Centro Cultural De La Raza (Next to World Beat, Balboa Park); Teach-ins, Work-Shops, GA, meetings, Music & Food, etc. - Others TBD(?), perhaps evening activities as well. For more info, to volunteer, donate or request for a teach-in, work-shop, speaker, etc. please contact, & see: googledoc spreadsheet

  • 11 Feb 2012 - Noon - protest the Democratic Party state convention regarding support of NDAA. Next organizing meeting is Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 5:30 PM at 8161 Lincoln St., Lemon Grove 91945 (Frank and Patty's place). Bring pot luck snacks (not full dinner).
    • More info: email
    • New website (still in development) for Save the Bill of Rights at

  • 23 Feb 2012 - Bobby Uribe is scheduled to stand trial on February 23 and would like support from fellow occupiers. The downtown criminal courthouse is located at 220 W. Broadway on the corner of Front and Broadway. Trial call is 9 am in Dept. 2, where the case will be sent out to a trial department. If you're there at 9, you can follow Bobby and his lawyer to the trial department after they are sent out; if you get there after 9, you can ask the bailiff where the Uribe case was sent. The trial is expected to last 3-4 days, depending on the length of witness testimony on both sides. The list will be notified if the trial date changes.

  • 29 Feb 2012 F29 - Shut Down the Corporations -- (NOT OSD GA APPROVED) Occupy Portland calls for a national day of non-violent civil disobedience targeting corporations who are members of ALEC, one of the most successful mechanisms that the 1% uses to control legislation. We are asking people around the country to choose members of ALEC in their home towns and SHUT DOWN BUSINESS AS USUAL.

  • May 1 -- General Strike. INFO FROM OCCUPY SO CAL. NO APPROVAL OF OSD GA. <== click here to see the rest of the report.

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Things YOU can do right now to help.

Have comments you want sent out? Send it to

Lynn Ann Garrett
FISH AKA Andrew Fisher Witness statements!
I just got off the phone with Fish's Lawyer. Jennifer. Her information will follow. Everyone who was a witness, or knows of witnesses, please email and provide a phone number contact. She hopes to have an investigator do follow up on statements as well to build the best case possible. Let's help FISH!

From Jennifer:
My e-mail address is Please email me your statement regarding the day of the incident 11/16/2011 and Andrew’s arrest. If you have any questions, please call 619.338.4607. Feel free to pass my e-mail and number along to other witnesses.


Jennifer Gerstenzang
Deputy Public Defender
San Diego County
Central Misdemeanor Unit


See All minutes here.

Day 112: 02/01/2012

Moderator: William

Stack: John

Time: Jenny

Notes: Chuck

Committee Announcements:


Working on soapboxes

Meeting @ 4:30 daily until 2/12


Sick-call 10-12 Saturdays at Freedom Plaza

Meet Sat @ 12

Feb 11th Planning:

Next meeting Monday 5:30 FP

Discussed Breakouts, Flyer, Outreach

No permit yet for SDCC, should be Monday


Update on Website tomorrow (2/2)

Need feedback from committees for site

Feb 4th

Border Angels rally tomorrow

Philner speaking from 2-4 “electoral process & occupy: (feb 4)

Website improvements tomorrow


Website has several new features


1. Re-affirm stance on non-violence (withdrawn as it is already on books. [facilitator note: proposal eliminating non-violent stance  would be the only way to change status quo, thus no reason to re-affirm])

2. Should we do actions with the Tea Party?

Mike: Party hosted by Pete Beauregard. He donated $ to OSDers stuck in Amarillo, TX. Put them up in hotel in DC. Donated $3K total. Other guests at party included Tea Party and press. No plans for an event, want to see what we have in common. They proposed protesting Duncan Hunter for voting for NDAA. PR has list of 7 points of discussion. Exchanged phone numbers, no formal plans. Later on, Friday 2/3 event publicized.

  • register to vote
  • register others
  • know representatives
  • road construction
  • Pro-construction (?? notes sloppy)
  • Educate yourself
  • vote
Break into discussion groups to discuss what to do on Friday
Group report-backs:
  1. Not enough info, Ray Lutz needs to be called out.
  2. Need to reach out on specific issues, but more groups. Fundamental disagreements with Tea Party.
  3. Any action joining forces should not be used to build electoral coalitions. Individual members should not speak for groups. Will be expected to behave in a certain way if we accept?
  4. Tea Party hated, reactionary, pro-1%, racist, no alliance
  1. would leave
  2. who brought it up? no affiliation, nothing to do with them.
  3. Statement: Occupy will not endorse candidates from parties.
Group report backs:
  1. Complaint against an Occupier for videotaping at another OSDers residence
  2. Re-visit statement of political autonomy
  3. How do we join forces with other groups? Draft a statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland.
Agenda items for 2/2:
  1. Complaint against OSD member
  2. Vote on statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland (meeting at 5PM 2/2)
Next Mod: Tito



2012 Jan 27

Media: Occupy San Diego

  • UAW Local 4123 San Diego State University has backed-off its draconian punishment of SDSU student Ashley Wardle. However Seth Newmeyer, a UCLA undergraduate who joined CSU students in solidarity during the November 16, 2011 protest, is facing misdemeanor vandalism charges and a $32,000 fine for allegedly breaking a door at the Chancellor's office

Media: Occupy National and Global

  • Occupy First - Banking for the 99% The Occupy First Credit Unions will be run by The People and for The People. We are seeking individuals with skills in finance, marketing, law, customer support and/or software development to join this virtual occupation. The federation will be nationwide and we need people in your area to join us. Please include your email address for updates.

  • Win A Tent or Laptop For Your Occupation! So we're giving away five 11'x11' command post tents worth $5000 each, three media laptops equipped with webcams for livestreaming and twelve $100 gift certificates to the Occupy Supply store to reward occupations for their kick-ass community activism! 1/30 deadline.


See All Occupy San Diego Announcements to read all previous announcements about
  • Where we meet, how to recover confiscated property from the San Diego Police Department, information for people were arrested, etc.


Have you been mistreated by the Police? Have your First Amendment rights been violated? Have you been arrested for nothing, only to have the charges "unfiled" but held over your head for up to a year?
  • NEW First read this document:
  • Make a Complaint: How to Make a Police Complaint
    • Use this form: Complaint Form
    • Forms also available in the lobby of City Hall.
    • Citizen's Review Board member says we do NOT need names & badge numbers. File the complaint & it's up to SDPD to determine who the officer was (But it is better if we have them, of course).
  • ALSO: By telephone or in writing to
    • SDPD Internal Affairs Unit, 1401 Broadway, MS 709, San Diego CA 92101, (619) 531-2801
    • Complaints made to the Citizens Review Board do not necessarily make it into the officers' personnel files
    • Read this: Making Police Compliants That Stick
  • Also, consider making a CLAIM against the city for your BOND money if charges were never filed. They have 45 days to reject the claim, then you file a lawsuit. It costs $400 to file unless you can claim low income.

Call for Witnesses:
Two occupiers are facing trial for criminal charges stemming from arrests at the Port Shut-down on December 12. Attorneys for Curtis Williams (aka Hex) and Bobby Uribe are looking for defense witnesses to dispute officer testimony and any photo or video footage of the arrests. If you witnessed Curtis's arrest, please contact attorney Laura Sheppard at If you witnessed Bobby's arrest, please contact attorney Adriane Bracciale at

  • Making Police Compliants That Stick -- Important info from Adriane of NLG
  • Anyone with information about arrests... Please, we need to continue to compile a complete list.
    • IF YOU HAVE BEEN ARRESTED, DETAINED, OR CITED... Please complete the form here: Occupy Legal Info Request and email to
    • If you can help compile the database from incoming emails, please let me know. It just takes a person who can carefully enter the data in to a web-based form.
  • Arrests At Balboa Theater 2012 Jan 11 -- This topic created to track arrests and progress fighting felony arrests at Balboa Theater
  • UPDATED Two items relevant to OSD mission were placed on the agenda of the City of San Diego Rules Committee. This committee is yet another example of a "do-nothing" committee because they hardly even treated the proposals as serious.

  • NEW TELL POLICE HOW THEY ARE DOING: Police host monthly meetings in the community to get feedback from community members.

  • Legal is asking: If you were at the South gate on the day of The Port Shut Down 12/12 and witnessed any of the arrests and are willing to testify...please contact HiAndrea on FB or -- Tammy.

Lutz suing Civic Center Plaza building owners and operators Project Details
  • More on this project... Including collected media, documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • This is a VERY IMPORTANT project because we will directly engage wall street firms who own and operate the Civic Center Plaza office building.

Legal Resources
  • The National Lawyers Guild resources to protesters who have been arrested NEW 619-500-4486
  • 1st Circuit Rules Public Has Right to Videotape Police
  • What to say to cops if you're busted. What you say and do can hurt you in court -- This is what I advise my clients to say when confronted by a law enforcement officer: "Officer, please understand I refuse to talk with you until I consult with my attorney. I also refuse to consent to any search of these premises or any other premises under my control, or in which I have a possessory, proprietary, or privacy interest, including my car, my body, or effects. I hereby demand to immediately be allowed the reasonable opportunity to obtain the advice of my attorney by telephone. from:
  • To check if someone is in jail check this website:
    • It usually takes about 6 hours for someone who has been arrested to pop up here. This site will tell you their charges, bail, etc. Jail's number is (619) 615-2700. The jail won't tell you much if anything that is not on the website. Please check this website before saying someone is in or out of jail to avoid confusion.
  • FYI -- Penal Code 849.5. In any case in which a person is arrested and released and no accusatory pleading is filed charging him with an offense, any record of arrest of the person shall include a record of release. Thereafter, the arrest shall not be deemed an arrest, but a detention only.

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