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Current Events Theater shows a variety of topical videos about a variety of subjects. Screenings in 2006-2008 at the Rancho San Diego Library. Starting in 2009, we will screen these films at the El Cajon library as well. This effort was largely discontinued in 2009 as we were able to screen films on Public Access TV. However, Public Access TV has largely been discontinued. The nice thing about in-person meetings is the discussion that is very important after the screening.

Please make suggestions about what you would like to see.

(The remainder of this topic has not been updated since the 2009 timeframe.)

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Summary of DVDs Available

Possible Future Videos

Corporate America and the Media

9/11 Conspiracy

  • Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic (1:09)
  • 9/11 Mysteries (Part 1): Demolitions
  • The Man Who Knew (0:60) Details... $19.99
    FRONTLINE traces John O'Neill's growing awareness of the threat posed by the emerging Al Qaeda terrorist network. His pursuit of bin Laden and Al Qaeda helped yield much of the information the United States needed about pending attacks. Yet O'Neill was no longer with the FBI on that fateful day: Forced out of the job he loved, he had taken a job as director of security at the World Trade Center. He died there when the buildings collapsed.


  • Money Talks - Story of Healthcare system stupidity - trailer...
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: The War Against Tobacco (0:50) Details $24.95
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Failure of National Health Insurance (0:50) Details $24.95 When Bill Clinton took office, it seemed the time was finally right for national health insurance--health care costs were skyrocketing, 40 million people were uninsured, and polls showed widespread support for legislated reform. Yet, like all those before it, the Clinton plan failed. THE FAILURE OF NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE examines the factors that led to this outcome, from the political miscalculations made by Clinton and the First Lady, who headed up the effort, to the intransigent opposition of the health care lobby and Congressional Republicans. Hear from key players and the reporters who covered the story, and see how the most recent effort differed from previous attempts to reform health care. THE 20th CENTURY profiles the charged debate over health care--and one of the Clinton Administration's most notable and publicized failures.

Terrorism/Communism and scare tactics

  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Mc Carthy Reconsidered (0:50) Details $24.95
  • 100 Years of Terror (3:20) From the Russian Revolution to today, this extraordinary set goes behind the scenes of some of the most infamous groups to see how terrorism made history and transformed society in the last 100 years. Details $39.95
  • Investigative Reports: Bioterrorism (0:50) Details $24.95 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTSTM reveals the reasons why such attacks are so unlikely to be successful. Leading bioterrorism experts--including several veterans of the massive Soviet bioweapons program--detail the many obstacles standing in the way of a bio-attack. Officials from the State and Defense Departments tell how the government is working both to prevent and contain such attacks, and scientists explain the differences among the various potential bio-agents. Reasoned, rational, and objective, BIOTERRORISM is required viewing for anyone who wants to get a real understanding of the potential terrorist threat from biological weapons.

War in Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan & similar wars

  • When I Came Home - a film about homeless Iraq War veterans. trailer...
  • Control Room Feature film about Al Jazeera, the most popular news outlet in the middle east. (1:20) Details...
  • Iraq War: The Fall of Saddam (4:10) Details... $49.95 from History Channel
  • History Undercover: Cover-Up: The Sinking of the SS Leopoldville (0:50) Details $24.95 History Channel.
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Vietnam: How We Went to War (0:50) Details $24.95
  • Bay Of Pigs Declassified (0:50) Details $24.95 It was the first foreign policy defeat of the Kennedy Administration and the first time a covert CIA operation was exposed to public scrutiny. Drawing extensively on documents that were kept under wraps for nearly 40 years, HISTORY UNDERCOVER® tells the complete story of the ill-fated invasion.
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: The Iran-Contra Scandal (0:50) Details $24.95 THE IRAN-CONTRA SCANDAL is a comprehensive examination of one of the most damaging and divisive political events in recent years.
  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: The Legacy of Kent State (0:50) Details $24.95
  • Hot Spots: IRAN (0:58) BBC special covers the history of interaction with Iran, from the start of the modern state of Iran in 1925, continuing through to present day.

Judicial System

  • American Justice: Death Penalty (0:50) Details $24.95 from History Channel
  • Investigative Reports: Bad Judgement (0:50) Details $24.95

Kennedy -- John, Robert

  • John F. Kennedy, Jr.: Child of a Dream (0:50) details... $24.95 from History Channel
  • History Undercover: Missing Files: The JFK Assassination (0:50) Details $24.95
  • 20th Century With Mike Wallace: Assassination and Aftermath: The Death of JFK and the Warren Report (0:50) Details $24.95
  • Investigating History: The JFK Assassination (0:50) Details $24.95
  • History's Mysteries: A Question of Conspiracy: The RFK Murder (0:50) Details $24.95
  • JFK: A Presidency Revealed (4:40+) Details $29.95 From secret liaisons to the details of cabinet deliberations during the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED provides the most in-depth look at the man and his administration ever filmed. Peabody Award-winning producer David Taylor (The Johnson Tapes) and host Frank Sesno draw on an extraordinary array of never-before-released source material, including JFK's White House audiotapes and Soviet footage from Kennedy's sole superpower summit, to write new chapters in the story of America's 35th president.


  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Ourselves, Our Bodies: The Feminist Movement and the Battle Over Abortion (0:50) Details $24.95

Gun Control

  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: Gun Control: The Right to Bear Arms in the 20th Century (0:50) Details $24.95

US History, Constitution, etc.

  • Save Our History: Defining Documents (0:50) Details $24.95 a compilation of 100 artifacts that embody the journey of America from the Colonial era to 1965.
  • The Presidents (6:40+) Details $44.95 This epic, eight-part series illuminates the legendary leaders and forgotten placeholders in a 215-year history of THE PRESIDENTS. Here is the story of Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase and Reagan's Revolution, of the Battle of the Petticoats and the machinations of Rutherford Hayes, the two presidential dynasties and the near-treasonous James Buchanon administration. Filled with visits to presidential archives and commentary from leading scholars, this is an ambitious, encyclopedic look at the leaders who have shaped our nation, for better and worse.

Democratic History

  • In Search of History: The Plot To Overthrow FDR (0:50) Details $24.95 THE PLOT TO OVERTHROW FDR reveals how, inspired by political trends in Germany and Italy, this group conceived of a plan to either overthrow the newly-elected president or force him to take orders from them. They envisioned a paramilitary organization of disgruntled WWI veterans as the force to intimidate the government. The man they chose to inspire and lead this veteran's army was retired Marine General Smedley D. Butler, a colorful and outspoken champion of veteran's rights. But Butler was their undoing. After discovering the details of the conspiracy, the horrified general blew the whistle and subjected the outrageous plot to the scrutiny of a Congressional investigation.
  • Investigative Reports: Impeachment (Clinton) (0:50) Details $24.95
  • FDR: A Presidency Revealed (3:20+) Details $29.95 FDR: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED examines one of history's most compelling figures. Inspired by his cousin Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt rose to the nation's highest office during the depths of one of its darkest periods. A man of few words, he brought a nation together through his revolutionary Fireside Chats. He introduced vast reforms like Social Security and work relief for the unemployed. At the same time, his administration hid a dark underbelly teeming with covert maneuvers, spy rings, and powerful enemies.
  • 20th Century w/ Mike Wallce: The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton (0:50) Details $24.95 He has presided over one of the greatest periods of prosperity in the nation's history. But whatever his accomplishments, William Jefferson Clinton's political legacy will always be tarnished. For in 1998, he became the first sitting president to be impeached by the House of Representatives in over 100 years. THE 20th CENTURY examines the history of scandals that led up to the historic vote in the House. Lawyers from both sides help provide an inside view of the proceedings that turned a private affair it into a public spectacle. The program also examines the media's coverage of the case, with extensive clips showing how they handled everything from Linda Tripp's taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky to the fallout from the ongoing investigation that cost the Republicans five seats in Congress during the 1998 elections. Commentary from Representatives Charles Rangel and Barney Frank offers a glimpse of the partisan proceedings on the House floor and behind closed doors.

  • Inside Story: Bodyguard Training Camp (0:50) Details $24.95 INSIDE STORY follows eighteen recruits at an exclusive camp where a former Navy SEAL and a counter-surveillance expert share their skills and wisdom, teaching students how to recognize and dispose of letter bombs, handle themselves in hostage situations, shoot guns and disarm attackers, among other things. The students include a former model who has been the target of stalkers, a high-powered Wall Street CEO and a young man who sees personal protection as his way out of a life that has teetered perilously close to the wrong side of the law.

Evolution / Science vs. Religion

  • In Search of History: The Monkey Trial (0:50) Details $24.95

Global Warming / Climate change

  • 20th Century with Mike Wallace: The Sizzling Planet (0:50) Details $24.95 takes a hard look at the evolution of the debate about global warming, from the first stirrings in the scientific community to the widespread public awareness today. Meet scientists who are working to reverse the trend, and see what might happen if we are unsuccessful in that effort. Finally, examine the initiatives undertaken by individuals, corporations and nations that are on the vanguard of the attempt to cool off the crisis before it boils over.
  • Hot Politics (, $24.99, 1:00) FRONTLINE and the Center for Investigative Reporting go behind the scenes to explore how bi-partisan political and economic forces prevented the U.S. government from confronting what may be one of the most serious problems facing humanity today.

Election Integrity

  • Hacking Democracy Bev Harris of Black Box Voting
  • American Blackout How primarily black voters were disenfrancised in the Ohio elections of 2004.


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